How do I know that the agency I have chosen is a member of the ABIA?

Every agency that is a member of the ABIA will carry the ABIA logo and should have a link to the ABIA on their website.

What happens if I have a complaint against an agency that is a member?

Historically, we handled complaints directly, and such a service was valued greatly on both sides. The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) has now been set up in the UK at the instigation of the EU, and ABIA agencies are all obliged to give you further details upon request. However, agencies are not obliged to take part in the mediation service provided under the Alternative Dispute Resolution scheme if they do not wish to. Initially, you need to ask them the question – it is a more gentle way of dealing with a dispute, and preferable to having to face a County Court judge. The ADR scheme is not expensive, and if your agency is prepared to enter into mediation but the matter is unresolved, you still have the right to seek legal advice.

What happens if I have a complaint and the agency is not a member of the ABIA?

We are unable to assist with non-member agencies and would recommend contacting the agency directly or seeking legal advice.

Why should I join an agency that is a member of the ABIA?

Join an ABIA registered dating agency and you can relax in the knowledge that they subscribe to the ABIA code of practice and have been trading for more 12 months or longer.

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