We want to help you as much as possible but some questions or complaints may need to be raised directly with your agency.

Historically, we handled complaints directly, and such a service was valued greatly on both sides. The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) has now been set up in the UK at the instigation of the EU, and ABIA agencies are all obliged to give you further details upon request. However, agencies are not obliged to take part in the mediation service provided under the Alternative Dispute Resolution scheme if they do not wish to. Initially, you need to ask them the question – it is a more gentle way of dealing with a dispute, and preferable to having to face a County Court judge. The ADR scheme is not expensive, and if your agency is prepared to enter into mediation but the matter is unresolved, you still have the right to go to the County Court.

We also advise you to make your application short and to-the-point, because we know that this way, your judge is going to read the content pertinent to your case. We also note that they are particularly interested in contracts that you have signed.

We can help you if you feel that the Code of Practice has been breached by the agency concerned, and, as previously stated, will bring this up at the next council meeting as long as we are provided with succinct and relevant information.

We would like to remind you that complaints about the sort of people that you have been introduced to being the wrong sort of people, are not generally taken into consideration by courts or mediation, for obvious reasons. If your relationship with your member agency has broken down irrevocably and for very genuine reasons, and you have got to the stage whereby you feel fully-entitled to ask for a refund, before taking any further steps you should pay a solicitor one hour of his/her time so that they can advise you as to whether or not you have a justifiable case against the said agency.

Having read the above, if you feel that there has been a breach of our Code of Practice, then please do notify us using the form below.

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