Heather Heber Percy

Chairman of the ABIA / Founder of The County Register

Heather Heber Percy started her first agency, Country Partners, in 1983. Her current agency, The County Register (county implying counties), which specialises in personal headhunting, is based in London and the West but has clients across the UK.

Parag Bhargava

Vice Chairman of ABIA / Founder of the Suman Marriage Bureau

Suman Marriage Bureau is a founder member of the ABIA. Parag joined the council in 2001 following in his late father's footsteps and has led the development of the online Code of Practice as well as being responsible for the Association's presence in the South East.

Alex Mellor-Brook

Secretary of the ABIA / Head of PR & Marketing at Select Personal Introductions

Alex Mellor-Brook has served as a Council member since 2001. After serving as Development Officer (UK), in May 2011, Alex was subsequently appointed Secretary for the Association of British Introduction Agencies.

Karen Mooney

Press Officer of the ABIA / Founder of Sara Eden Introductions

Karen Mooney founded Sara Eden Introductions in September 1988 and has served as a Council member since 1989. She is Press Officer for the ABIA.

Gary Katzler

Council Member

Gary was involved in the hospitality and staffing industries for many years prior to purchasing Berkeley International in 2003. Berkeley International is now a global business with several offices across the world.

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