Jacqui, founder of Select Connections and Select Events, is an accredited matchmaker and dating coach specifically for singles over 50 years old.

She draws on her experiences when she re-joined a very different dating scene in her mid-50s after many years in a relationship. She tried online dating but found this left her deflated and dispirited after dates with people who had quite obviously misrepresented themselves via their profiles and photos!

Her unrivalled passion, coupled with doing the best job in the world, has led the business to take off in a way that she could not ever have imagined.

We are never too old for love. Just because we are in our 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, why should we make do with the life we have already had? We can still have a life partner to build memories with and feel comfortable in their company. Someone that can share and enjoy all this wonderful world still has to offer.

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