County Register (includes all counties)
The County Register Ltd means people from all counties within the UK may join and people from mainland Europe if they are prepared to meet people in the UK. Heather Heber-Percy established Country Partners in 1984 and is the Founder/Director of The County Register Ltd. She is presently Chair of the Association of British Introduction Agencies. The County Register Ltd runs a Specialist Headhunting Service Nationwide (£10,000 or £6,000 plus Vat). Another service,The Portfolio Connection Service £2000 plus Vat) is made up of people from all walks of life and includes members from all over the UK, this service allows you to choose your own introductions. The County Register Ltd is for people who wish to remain anonymous, who would not join an online dating agency and who wish to meet people in a safe environment. Run by Heather and her team including her daughters Zara Heber Percy and Tamara Heber Percy MBE, it is a Nationwide Service including Europeans with members accepted from the age of 30 – 80. Minimum guarantees for each service, all members interviewed without exception. Visit us either in our offices in Chiswick or at designated venues throughout the UK. No obligation consultation. Come and visit us and go away and think about it.

Categories:  Personal Introductions, Headhunting Services

Established: 1984

Region covered: UK & Worldwide

Age group covered: 30 – 80

Total fees (inc of VAT): 3 levels – £2,000, £6,000 and £10,000. No further costs.

Length of membership: 15 months, 12 months or 18 months plus freeze facility

Other services: Mentoring

ABIA Member since: 1985

Same gender matching available: Yes


Our Address:

The County Register Ltd 26 Dover Street, London W1S 4LY

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